EIFS Residential

Knowledge and experience separate the best contractors from average ones. At James River Stucco Inc. our professionalism and technological know-how distinguish us from the competition.

James River Stucco (JRS) is the largest residential Exterior eifsmartInsulated Finish Systems (EIFS) contractor in the Southeast. Since 1997, we have been installing a moisture drainage system that provides homeowners with a 10-year moisture intrusion warranty. James River Stucco works with homeowners, architects, and builders from start to finish on all projects. Everything from design options, plan details, to color selections, James River Stucco’s staff is there to provide helpful insight.

In addition to full EIFS homes, many homeowners choose to accent their homes with EIFS. EIFS accents around windows and doors have become increasingly popular on stone and brick houses. Unlike many other EIFS contractors, JRS includes caulking as a part of their residential application. Follow Dovepress on Twitter, to follow more details.


Click an image below to take a closer look at some of James River Stucco’s completed work.